BBCCC Members Get Discount at Kalei’s Grill

La Trinidad Benguet's Premier Destination Restaurant

La Trinidad Benguet’s Premier Destination Restaurant

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Roxas to LGUs: Yolanda is ‘new normal’


By Julliane Love De Jesus,

MANILA, Philippines –Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II is urging local government units to treat the impact of Supertyphoon Yolanda (international codename: Haiyan) “as the new normal” and ensure that communities are “climate-proof.”

In a dialogue with local executives, Roxas, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin and Social Welfare Secretary Corazon Soliman asked the LGUs to come up with “build better plans” to reduce, if not totally prevent, casualties and damages.

Roxas, Gazmin and Soliman visited14 towns in the Visayas currently under a state of calamity due to the massive devastation brought by Yolanda, which has killed more than 5,000 as of posting time.

As part of efforts to build safer communities, Roxas, in a statement, directed the LGUs to “review and update” their Comprehensive Land Use Plans, Comprehensive Development Plans and zoning ordinances guided by the latest geological assessments.

Roxas said that local government offices should be able to identify areas prone to floods and landslides and declare them as “no build zones” or “no habitation zones.”

“The lesson we learned in this recent tragedy is vital. The local government must take building safer communities seriously,” he said in Filipino.

CLUP is a planning document prepared by LGUs to rationalize the allocation and proper use of land resources.

Enacted through a zoning ordinance, all LGUs are required to update their CLUPs under the Local Governmment Code of 1991.

While the CLUPs are under review, Roxas advised local executives to coordinate with national government agencies and private sector partners so they could relocate those living in “danger zones” as a preventive measure.

“There are geohazard maps which can serve as guide to LGUs in building disaster-proof or safer communities,” he said.

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Apollo 8 and the Earthrise Picture That Changed History

apollo 8

Apollo 8 was launched into space on December 21, 1968 which eventually brought back home the iconic Earthrise picture that changed history. This was the first time a manned mission leave Earth’s orbit, reached the moon, orbit the moon and eventually returned safely back to Earth. The crew of Apollo 8 included Commander Frank Borman, James Lovell and William Anders.

What is the significance of the Earthrise picture?

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Google Attempts to Power All Its Operations With Renewable Energy


The energy strategy of Google may be ambitious as it attempts to power all of its operations using renewable energy. According to Google’s Director of Energy and Sustainability, Rick Needham, about 34 percent of Google’s operations are currently being powered by renewable energy. Google’s goal is to use 100 percent renewable energy. However, there are also challenges in this regard and chief among these is that Google’s various offices and operations are spread across the globe in different countries and settings, Needham added.

Know more about Google’s renewable energy attempts.

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Heinrich Himmler Letters: Beliefs of the Feared Nazi Leader Bared

Heinrich Himmler

The beliefs and philosophies of Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler’s brutal head of the Nazi special police, or SS, and the Gestapo, can now finally be bared.   The personality behind the man, blamed for being the chief architect in implementing Hitler’s “Final Solution to the Jewish Problem,” can now hopefully be understood through a series of photos, personal letters and other documents written by Himmler himself  that have recently surfaced in Israel.

Who is Heinrich Himmler?


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Moon as a Source of Renewable Energy, Possible Says Japanese Firm


By 2035 onwards, the moon will be turned into a source of renewable energy if plans by a Japanese firm pushed through. Shimizu Corporation, a Tokyo-based construction firm said that their proposed “Luna Ring” could produce 13,000 terawatts of power every year which is way above what the U.S. is producing at the moment of 4,500 terawatts of energy. For Japan this could mean freeing the country’s dependence on nuclear power. The firm said that they will construct solar panels 6,800 miles around the moon for this project.

Is the moon really a possible source of renewable energy?

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Internet of Things: Advantages May Far Outweigh Its Drawbacks

internet of things

People may not realize it but the Internet of Things is already gaining traction and slowly influencing how people live in this connected world. Right now, its perceived advantages may far outweigh its feared drawbacks. Some analysts even called the up-and-coming technological paradigm shift as bigger than the Industrial Revolution.

What does “the internet of things” really mean?

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